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membranes, and such an elasticity and force of the fluid with which

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were no bronchiectatic dilatations in the ampullae of which the

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Table 2. — Diagnoses, obstructed sites, and outcome

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of the right optic path, by affecting the right half-retinas, causes blindness

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soluble in normal saline solution and in jiotash, but not in acetic acid. To

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especially in cases of endometritis and subinvolution ; or styptics may

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^ I use the word "born" to avoid circumlocution, just as the term inborn is

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position, although this rule had not been adhered to in the sec-

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building available, located in city of 6,000 in south-

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i,Tatuitous medical services are only another term for

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require the student to pass a preliminary examination, others

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mission was kept up for about an hour. For \ so favourably impressed with a sense of its

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male population are infected annually, and women for diseases of the uterus and ad-

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has in his book added to the resources of the physician and surgeon in the

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goes, thoroughly representative of the present condition of medical science.

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670. Giblet Pie — Ingredients — Some goose or duck giblets, water,

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special section of the city where the first cases were noticed was not in as good a

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disease progresses, until there may be scarcely a single moment during

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base of the ears, and behind the elbows, the veins become

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at the same time as that in which a febrile iiKvoment was so

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precept is important, not only because different remedies are likely to

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logical science, have had more immediate and practical results

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ticularly young people and individuals up to the age of fifty. Vigorous

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4. Essays will consist of not less than is painless and loose, and the appetite im-

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and regular, and several of its dilated arteries can be felt near the surface.

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position seems to increase. It is commonly believed to be connected

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called upon to testify. In this respect, this trial was

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