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even in the later stages I am just as little afraid of open windows. If
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plied. At first the wound was covered with gauze, and a rubber tube
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thereby the ultra-violet frequencies, but because the quantity
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be the outcome of the ^^^despread cerebritis above described.
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Bernthsen and will be referred to later. Methylene orange, a fourth compound,
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This patient greatly improved tuider appropriate treatment,
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lead, in ordinary cases, to care that recurrence of disease and
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766. Orange Fool β€” Ingredients β€” ^Juice of 3 Seville oranges, 2 well
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onwards of the thing swallowed. The proper plan and this the
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and occurs in widespread and severe epidemics. The bacillary disease
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been found in those who are engaged in artificially over-
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with coagulated blood, and which collects chiefly between
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those of certain otherMaramals, especially the Dog; considered in con-
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and by his military service in World War I, be it therefore
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The Effect of Heat upon Milk. β€”The changes produced in milk
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of the wing owing to the junction of the media with the radius, or open, or
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The absence of albumin in beriberic urine is important in differential diagnosb
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Toward the end respiration acquires a cavernous character.
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head rests upon the cervix. Then bring the ends of the wire across the head;
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and ending fatally. It is very doubtful, however, if this is a distinct
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tended bladder, from which the catheter drew two quarts of
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leave as many of the mentally afflicted with the family
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informed workshop leaders who would go to the four districts
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it would not be surprising if nervous diseases had be-
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general rule, however, the obovate appearance of the head viewed from above,
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testifies to their injurious effects, and Prof. Chapman affirmed, that the evils of using
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one β€” is that, tlirough loss of its watery particles, the
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my experience points to numbers of instances where severe