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study of about 300 cases of arthritis observed in the
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usual manner by means of the shower bath, frequently produces
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the neck will continue without causing the slightest pain, until
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tubercular phthisis almost from its very birth. It went on cough-
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tegrity of the iris. This accident frequently occurred in Dr.
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during the pain, and thus permitting the head to clear this
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Dissection shewed only slight fulness of the vessels of the
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important statement : " In contradistinction to syphilis, which
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The point is located above the middle portion of the
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return of the fits, or what is even of more importance their
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coming sore, it will be found that the epigastric pulsations have
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latter end of the second stage. The cord may be on the
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of the drug given, and, of course, will only do this
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soothing application may be one of radiant light and
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but I have made long since a very interesting observation on this
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the cheeks was the result of excitement, nervous agitation, and
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pulse, Start upward; there is nothing for it but to
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these patients had otherwise any chance of survival,
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further interference for some hours, the body becomes softened and
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decapitation of the bones of the fingers. Excision of the knee
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dioxide, not for the purpose of meeting the possible
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fluenza, a foe which did not respect boundaries, an
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Second, with respect to presentations of the breech, I have
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sons, the so-called iodine symptoms appear remarkably, after
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ing under chronic bronchitis. These differences in opinion
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undertaking which he was persuaded to believe necessary to save it.
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stained serum but is more apt to be thick, greenish
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those Organs which may require the Operation of Broncho-
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The above subjects occupy a very considerable portion of a
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enumeration of evils quite sufficient to establish the necessity of
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gradually a proper, systematic, and regfular training
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a trace of phosphate of lime, and was never of the sanious variety.
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the " Thomsonian System" Accordingly, some time in May, he