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result of obstruction, deformities, adhesions and displacements), more especially
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pain in both wrists, right elbow, both knees, and left ankle. The knee-joints
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HbA, and cannot, therefore, be separated from HbA, by
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stitutes the acute empyema^^ p. 431. 6. Instead of a new serous
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an ovule escapes, there is left behind a funnel-shaped
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asthma, their diagnostic usefulness for asthma is low. They
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dirty to her." This often resolves itself into the fact that the man
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Mr. Cesar Hawkiss : With regard to Ireland it is still
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mortality of rather under 2-32 per cent, which is the average
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Buckwheat Poisoning (Phagopyrismus) . — In this H. L. Smith was
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others are cured because of the efficacy of this defensive process. A
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grounds. For example, no marriage should take place
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was then removed to a sanitarium and put on the undernutrition
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■whether upwards or downwards, though a " great deal has been said on both
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the fact that they are of circular or oval contour with a smooth
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of dubious justification. A few errors have escaped correction in the
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child in bed, will generally effect a cure ; but when the symptoms
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camphorated oil, and the subsequent application of the hot
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not let us stop until we can offer these patients some hope of recoverv.