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49-60, Fusate, ovoid, round, and semilunar endoglobular forms : Figs. 61-64, The

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mentous bacteria (iron bacteria) ; and sulphur, which is at one time

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where such a condition had suggested iKginning car-

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derness ; the tympanites had diminished ; there was a

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to disparage all evidence which has a practical bearing on old

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and several guinea-pigs and white rats. Examination of the tissues was made

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University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington.

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that she screamed with agony. She consulted many physi-

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this clinical fact. Reasoning from the congestion theory,

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8. The United States has some individuals and fami-

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tion the value of which is now generally recognised, and is

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" t Albumen, if taken into the stomach, either very slightly or not

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ner, February, 1801, and died on the third day after his admission. When

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structure and nature of morbid growths. But other distinctions founded

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the one illustrated by Fig. 7, but as a rule it has to be repeated

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medical or hospital arrangements broke down. It adds that

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and is made up of huudles of tiljres derived from the

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theoretically, upon morphology only. In such descriptions the

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or brachial artery. In the situation of the brachial artery, along the

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sulphuric acid, and afterwards in water containing a little am-

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W. li'ltsbuch Carter, major and surgeon, U.' S. A., leave ot ab-

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ence of peptide splitting bacteria. These would act probably to

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that, if the cases prove anything, they prove just the re-

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would be considered, according to the description of authors, as

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gestion, for when the stomach is simply overloaded or rather overfilled,

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sion of Boston : Dr. John S. Brownrigg, Dr. William

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to the diseased surfaces in the form of a fine powder,

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laxity of the ligaments. But patients with anchylosis after natural cure had