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This is simply a solution of camphor in officinal alcohol A fluidraehm |
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principally visible on the sick. A continuance of some dis-
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wok txmu^tamum mmiit under nsiBTODr^itk ctmoBaujkoei, Tkk wws ftMribai te
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once formed; yet experience has not shown that it causes any great
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^alar of the chalybeates, though employed chiefly in a special class of
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bence been inferred that, like iron, it forms an essential constituent of
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character, or but slightly so, Ijclong to the category of nervous irritations,
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and entirely, the offensive smell of twenty grains of the tersulphide, dis-
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over-doses, iodide of iron proves irritant to the stomach and bowels, caua-
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study of disease of the lungs, of the heart, and of
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on the stomach and bowels, and its general influence on the system.
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other taste, and by a purely tonic power, which is identical or nearly ao
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being the second alkal^d of hydrastis. This latter alkaloid has since been
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that the stimulation of the heart may really proceed from a similar cause,
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Disease of the brain, or over-exertion of its function of think-
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and a considerable portion of the caloric goes up the chim-
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fellow in his last round, fighting a brave fight, but
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much more diluted before it can be borne by the palate. The officinal
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to have been used, with remarkable success, in strangulated hernia.
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ing' mainly of quinia, the sulphate is obtained by treating it with boiling
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aolving ihe precipitate if added La excess. The precipitate formed with
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^ tion of sage should be lessened, and the maceration shortened, so that
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gredient in Empltutrum Picis of the British Pharmacopoeia.
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same extent. It can be concluded from these results that the
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which preside over them. Besides. Mattencci observed that, after death
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iological properties. Both alkaloids consist of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen