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a patient who was suffering from disease in tho ankle-joint,

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paper or other material are required. One turn of one scale

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solution and yielded a precipitate of cuprous oxide, Cu.,0.

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On the other hand, another condition occurs in which the glands be-

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city, and in the report of one of the already established

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Spontaneous Rupture of the Non-Gravid Uterus. — Meinert

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or by disease, and, after death, the epithelium of the air-cells in

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and Edinburgh Monthly Journal,' April 1845, p. 307 )

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conoscinte sotto il noine di calli, diirezze, lupi-

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seldom, if ever, any airing of the berths, and practically no

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upon which he has built up an ingenious working theory. The

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It was the retention of membranes and haemorrhage that

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basin or grease-trap of sufficient size to still the flow, to cause solids to

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fleecing of the physician by the government or by any

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important question in medical jurisprudence, that might

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the following: "Typhoid Fever and Low Water in Wells," by

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84 Cretinoid Myxedema, or Arrested Development Causing De-

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tended by the same material, nothing further was done.

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German Hospital, April 4, 1891. Increasing symptoms of stenosis of

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iterranean, at the Cape, and in Australia, there are

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under the influence of chloroform, and an incision be-

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are contra-indicated by feebleness or a tendency to depression. Aconite

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8. Paper (title undetermined). E. F. Fish, Milwaukee.

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have added much to our knowledge in diagnosis, and the diagnosis of

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some medical man living in the inland country. The diet of the general

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This is not to say that in any given case we are to stand

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the labours of the late lamented Dr. Freeman J. Bumstead were aided by

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exercise and diversion, self-forgetfulness, etc.) and re-

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■wrong, according to the nature of the case ; and

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The mistiira solvens, which consists of muriate of ammonia and liquoric^

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any appreciable irritation of the skin, and its frequent recurrence, in

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cated in chronic bronchitis not connected with emphysema. The treatment,

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neurotic and insane patients, citing cases from practice in

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This affection is characterized by paresthesia of the distal

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struction to the flow of the vital spirit, to evil spirits,