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ence to resorting to morphine. That a permanent cure
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that is, which encompass the young teeth ; the rest of the skeleton escapes.''
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borne out by the fact that it is more common in the male than in
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acteristic of the family history. A brother and sister
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by a very competent oculist, who is well informed as to the head-
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abuses ; and his exemplary wife — for he married early in life — not
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difficult to restore the power of locomotion in chil-
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is due to an arrest of the flow of blood through the right side of
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sleeplessness did not yield to hypnotics. The heart sounds
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month. — Berliji klin. Wochtnschr., July 18, 1883.
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as clinical curiosities. Icterus neonatorum has been observed in everv
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stomach, so as to frustrate the object of the physician completely. The
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cells. The thyroid gland may or may not be enlarged. The
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The latter Company, however, decline to allow the purchaser to select
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the Valedictory by Dr. H. D. Nicol, of the graduating
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contraction is called a tonic convulsion, while one in
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an estimated jiopulation of 10, .322, 4 20, for the week ending
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6. We have the calf to calf virus, originally from the true natural
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passages, of speedy suffocation ; of fatal damage to the larynx, or
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Bro.-vd Ligaments. — M. Terrillon has operated on
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beginning to believe that water can be given freely on the third
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Mellin's Food in these cases is much to be preferred to barley or other
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filter for the army.] Voyenno-med. J., St. Petersb.. 1896,
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scalp on each side of it with the purpose of leaving an anemic band
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of fresh portions of the lungs is concerned, there has been a progressive decrease in the fre-
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patient could not sleep. Six leeches were applied along the course
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But the question is not one of mere probability. It has long
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course and treatment of the disease. A case is on record in which
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from intense thirst after birth, especially for two days,