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report on the center was presented by Dr. David State,

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of the lung were healthy. The left lung, the tissue of which was healthy, was

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j } It has been demonstrated by a simple test that iodine is actually

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according to the directions on that bottle. The sec-

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All honor to the loyal and intrepid soldier who leaves

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enlargement of the thyroid gland. The ages of the patients

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therapeutics. If the pointing out of structural changes as a

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similar to that described by O'Connor. After the tendons of

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The Blood. — This is much impoverished, and extreme, even fatal,

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cult of explanation. The irritation travelling through

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put money into the pockets of doctors as well as into the mu-

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to determine, sometimes it may last only two or three days, sometimes several


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district schools, and with good interest. More seem to be striving to

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it. The fine soul which, unconquerable in its extremity, counted as

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circumstances. Many prefer, however, to use the diluted tingnentum hydrargyri

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than two lines at the apex. The valves and endocardium were healthy ; the mus-

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tubes. The urine is scanty and high colored ; there is sometimes scald-

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uterus could produce introcession of a part of the parietes of

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cian in the case write me a letter, stating that he had a case of a certain

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one of the functions of the pediatrician to make the

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the chin, reaching from angle to angle of the jaw, somewhat in

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looked upon as a visionary thing, but it has been verified and confirmed by

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tions in composition. For example, Cook and Hills (40) have

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working much more quickly. Thus Ach/ working under the

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Snyder F (Ed): Platelet-Activating Factor and Related Lipid Mediators. New

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sion of the placenta, evolution of the foetus, pro-

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Tannenbaum, Samuel, a, w, sp, Brooklyn, N.Y. S.B. (C. of the City of New York) '24;

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in surgery, its mortality should have come down to almost the same

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cess of children in which the distance between the sulcus and

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When there is heavy wind from the north-east the water is

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Gaillard related the case of a woman, thirty-three years old,

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The unexpanded flowers of Artemisia contra and other species.