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Four years ago 1 moved for a committee on that subject, and

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gienic treatment — by confinement to bed in a darkened and quiet

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their execution, that return cases of scarlet fever arise, besides those where

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'''*' (2) Enlargement of one anterior narial opening by an anterior incision

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Synonym. — Potassii sulphux-etum, potassii sulphidum^

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effective doses may be infinitely small. It may well be possible that the

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medicine is the use of cold greenhouses in tropical coun-

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young :ncn imagine they are scitntific when they indulge

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any of the teeth of the second set for irregularity. He

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of the latter, mixed with mucous catarrhal products; in these cases,

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Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia. John D. Corbit, Jr., m.d., President

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have evidence that in this exceedingly testing case, empyema, salicylic jute may

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woman instead of, like the bird, depositing her egg daily for some

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"them. During the process of subsidence of the uterus into

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that case ought to have made a vaginal hysterectomy. It seems to me the

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after ingestion of excessive protein in the food. It is much more likely to

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Some Experiments with Static Electricity in Functional Dis-

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will be held in future at this Society. The first of these

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by the manoeuvre. 4. When a transmitted murmur can be

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without the X-rays, and was a condition which might be extremely

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ing sketch may, perhaps, convey a clearer idea of its

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drooping and helplessness of the arm, and fracture is

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attended with a high fever, cerebral symptoms, intense headache and

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destroy the foetus in the womb, or even at birth, any more than the

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measure of the disease present, one would expect that

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were found to have "a marked slowing of the pulse, frequently combined

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father, on the contrary, has chronic laryngitis and

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on the left arm, allowing the right to remain free to at-

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Andral once taught that increased friability denoted inflamma-

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healthy joint of the other side, and at other times it

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studies and experimental work upon the part of a host of

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larly of the stomach, is a part of medical treatments in general.

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Cathartics must not be frequently repeated, as this secondary effect is

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in New York. His employment was that of a book-keeper. No definite

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attempts to steer it. Dr. Pettigrew stated that the fore-

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pheral extension of large flat papules, accompanied by involution of

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spore-formation and trophic growth proceed simultaneously.