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24 hours, during which time a comparatively uniform temperature is
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tion, and another application of leeches was directed. Tbe child was
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infected animals. They found the virus potent even after passage
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2. Applications of the Complement-Fixation Test to Tuber-
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University of Basel, Switzerland, which was founded in
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combined, while disease follows just as logically upon the failure of any
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old, and I have seen several afflicted with it at the age of nine
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be pursued, clearly carries with it a moral obliga-
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question should, when tested with the blood-serum taken from the
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In the ninth attack in September, 1911, the middle lobe and part
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vertebra. The skull was apparently normal. Microscopic-
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matter, for the ease with which heads can be seized when
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To summarize from the evidence, it appears more likely that a
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so far it simulates the first ;post mortem changes. In a vascular
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What is the extreme degree of narrowing that will admit of
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Caucasian race. The course is very chronic. The treatment is
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of a softer greyish tissue, which are imperfectly divided by
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seen at the adolescent period. — Medical Fortnightly.
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1727, the bloodlettings amounted to 26,230 ! After the
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was usually sour and watery, but had more than once been
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by the contraction of the trunk muscles ; in his first there was spasm of
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* Physical reactions: cardiovascular, gastrointestinal respiratory problems;
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always an indication of local inflammation. Such a displacement
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You ask, " Is yellow fever communicated hy personal contact, or by an
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Itching should be treated with tepid baths, or by sponging
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terve, that nitric acid will indicate the presence of morphia, and perchloride
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The work was of such character as would stimulate teachers to adopt
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majority of cases. I prefer, as Sydenham did, "liquid laudanum," to
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recommends the following: Water, one pint; hydrochloric
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Congress, all public hospitals and dispensaries should present
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and the position of the bone is so changed that the lower incisor
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tion of its occnrrence iu a variety of thegallua domesticus.
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