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lity, and should never be used by the dyspeptic unless, at
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sion and radiation of the fibres of tbe cerebral peduncles^ and
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daily. All these remedies act as solvents, and as preventing uric acid con-
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allow anything to pass between the bone and it. There was little or no extravasa-
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on any promise, however absurd or ridiculous it may be; for the mind, like
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seven years old she had a very bad attack of stomach trouble, from
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Texas cattle fever. Some problems in the etiology and the path-
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tinued fever is more resistant to quinin than the simple
the purpose of obtaining a stock of vaccinal virus of unquestionable
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terly presentation of the subject of Auto-intoxication by Dr. Taylor, in the
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iron, but preventing putrefaction. (G) Chlorosis is
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end in disappointment, for the reason that they did
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the brilliancy of abdominal surgery, soon tired of the
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The foUovring Journals have been received in exchange : —
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ii;iry note on tlie u.se of eucalyptus iu beadaclii\ Med.
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plates. On iodid of silver plates they sometimes acted
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The Section continued to provide visual coverage of the surgical field with
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denced by the fact that of all the drugs used in epilepsy,
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practical cure often follows. Even when other phases of infection
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movement may have no resemblance to any ordinary voluntary act, or, on
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is that they are not supplied with valves, and conse-
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first, second and third year respectively, and each year thereafter one
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Fibrin is more nutritive and exciting, than gelatin or albumen;
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a most distasteful task, and consented to do so only
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fully repaired either by immediate suture or by a consec-
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there is still reason for us to understand this awful type of malaria
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made of some six thousand school children. These were all