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differential diagnosis. Tumors of the cerebellum, as

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primary melanosarcoma, and when a year after the first opera-

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about y% in. above the articular edge, thence it runs obliquely upwards

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would then becomes very suspicious circumstance. Most observers agree

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historian of medical literature, speaks of Boerhaave as

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'" ''"' •ul^.l.u.■|| -1,,^.., ul„,, ili, ,ki„ i, ai..iil,.,ir,.l iiul MihlvJ. ,h

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the staphylococci, vaccines were of greater use than

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tages in opening the eyes of the misguided believers in their

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added, and seven dismissed. Following the lead of the British

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not of extremely infrequent occurrence, but I trust that the

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It has been generally regarded as a law in the doctrine of

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for a long time in permitting her to have. When, yielding to

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the ovary, all the others being fibroids of the uterus ;

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become active. We will leave for another article the ex-

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to the most trivial exciting causes. Ever since his ear-

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the thermometer registering 106° F. per rectum. The circulation seemed very

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The patient died of septic pneumonia a few days later.

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A section from the same omental cake under a high power, showing the

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it would be cruelty to subject youthful criminals to any

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for its proper digestion. Saliva has the property of converting

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might be washed out in this manner and not bone and lead ;

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Among the other congresses bearing upon Medicine — such as

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Dr. Jacobi presented a specimen of a brain removed from a man

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to get over his entire field. As the student is required to pursue a tour

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of the organs we desire to relieve ; to the epigastrium or side for the

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blood does not prove that they do not enter the circulation. It is

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change the color past the end-point, but within a few seconds the

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solution of each of the constituents, appears to have a destructive

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that we may suppose that a moderate punishment may be