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clearly proved that louping-ill is not seen where ticks are
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The second part is mostly devoted to the illustration of the
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and skill of the surgeon in first selecting the proper method for each particular case
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is lifted to dissect it out ; the parts beneath are on the
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present acquaintance with these would lead us to reverse Dr.
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truly conservative, and so opposed to the slap-dash school of
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ence of inflammation, since it may be produced after death
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Some New Symptoms in Amaurotic Family Idiocy. By lsador H. Coriat, M.D., Boston.
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readers must allow that there is no imperfection in the conditions of the experi-
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followed a week later by a very profuse one for which
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studiously avoided, I (and others) feel that if it waddles
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carried out I observed that it was unsafe to carry the salt suspen-
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Diagnosis. — ^Mal-united fracture of the lower left tibia and
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of limbs, the strangulated part remaining atrophied on the trunk.
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relapse commencing, it again rises to 120, or more. In ordinary
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sions or hard masses exist in the abdomen, which act as an
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jury that have come under my observation, so that it cannot be by any
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cently appointed Dr. F. J. Braceland of Rochester as a
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matitis herpetiformis. I should hardly consider such
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which there is suppuration in the veins to be almost
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great deal of meat from animals affected by tubercu-
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Milwaukee, May 1-2-3, and that with this oath 1 pledge
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priate records, procedures, reports, etc. Medical supply levels of
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of Basedow patients contains ferments which react with Basedow
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dising. It simply means that the policyholder places
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especially those who have catarrhal symptoms. It is quite worth while
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and detail in an intelligent order the various factors which
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S). Euterototny was to be entertained in certain cases.
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wasting, though it be often as tenacious as life, or even
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from nerve-tissue occur more extensively. Among nerve-
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whether the masses were gummas or softened chronic infiltra-
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Bonner, New Bern, J. B. Greene, Asheville, J. A. McKethan, Fayette-
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several months on duty, having had no return of the disease since he was
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Oerebritis (sCT-i-brai'tis, L. oe-re-brt^tis^. {!»,