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Dr. Gibbon said that a compulsory system of dealing ■with

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of the Ear, N. Y. Post-Graduate School; Ferdinand C Valentine, New

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charge from the nostrils is perhaps the most frequent medium of con-

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the disease in the endemic area was studied by Fordyce and Arnold,

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other reason is that chronic bronchitis — undoubtedly a disease of advanced life —

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The Chick Vetch (Lathyrus Cicera) should be excluded from

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cumstance of some importance, as we shall presently see. The

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lived and breathed, but the medical evidence fails to show that the living and

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been severe during the cold season, declined with that change

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tion, those parts which are soluble in water are absorbed, and those

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and so lasting in its consequences, could be supposed to be salutary

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cians are entitled to the degree and title of Doctor in Medicine,

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a general description of its anatomy. It will be sufficient to say

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Spine-— Dr. C. C. Foster, of Cambridge. Mass., said

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the bladder and rectum, and occasionally to the body

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over the furnace, and the same odor in the cellar for

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law enacted as a protection to physicians is capable of being

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having its origin in the more peripheral capillaries, is not

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high as the fourth rib. This is accounted for probably by firm

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but the specimens furnished me were not suitable for

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10,000 cases of the disease in the Province of Rhine

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every slfe!.?rr' T'^""'"' ."^"^ ^^optiou of failure to make the investigations as to any

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the femur abutted against the sawn surface of the upper

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tered at Boston are condemned, but of these over 95 per cent, are con-

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stones. I could, however, now easily pass a probe from the

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phild, about three months old. It had been left by the nurse m bed quite

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character. Weichselbaum, Waterhouse and other authorities

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the end of this time, the patient took his nourish-

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']'■'■•'} -"■■^-'ii:-. i-lh.,,-,., |,,,i„.


been given prominent places in the catalogue. But to any one familiar

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attacked. Toxic symptoms, — headache, constipation, loss of

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