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woman, aged thirty, married, separated accidentally
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The conditions under which the inquiry has been made may be
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this letter to the College of Physicians was a deliberate attempt to
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Note by Dr. Eyre : The interesting points from the bacteriological
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Ordered antimonial 'mixture. Jan. 13th. — Countenance flushed ; pulse rapid and
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seem to be lacking in crystalloids, and these properties are generally
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and lift him for the performance of the natural functions, with freedom and con-
your exclusive patronage and by your money, and you will find the
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respecting its pathological relations, it is safe to prophesj' that future
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tri-^ L. di-a-et6^^ma-to-«fts^tri-a). [Gr. 6i6m^fut
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The instruments used in major operatiors have received
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been broken off they should be at once removed and the head
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Let us now examine separately these so-called conclu-
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more to human life and happiness than the combined work of the
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surinenage et toxi-infeetion. Ann. de derrnat. et syph..
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made this suggestion at an operation not long ago, and
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convey a stronger throb or pulsation to the brain, which can but augment
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glossary compiled by Pamphilus of Alexandria (fl. c. A.D. 130); see his "Die
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another ; and the same preparation after being continued for some
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Case 21. — Mahomed ApoodooUah, a Mahomedan steward,