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of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee." [Prov.

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Wounds." Remove bandage twice a da3% and syringe out with

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tion Services (DDS) of that state, which evaluates social

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legible impression, and in part a faint outline only. The

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4. Acute Hepatic Injury. In rare instances, patients receiving

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Gastrointestinal Lesions-Potassium chloride tablets have produced stenotic and/or ulcerative

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mittee on Resuscitation from Electric Shock/* is probably the best,

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and because it has sufficient body to form a good paste. Carbonate of

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confluent smallpox on the part of any person who is uiipi

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nary, or propels venous or black blood into the lungs, or is aortic

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synonyms, since both terms appear in some passages interchange-

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In a doubtful case, the sudden occvnTcnce of sym])toms indicative of

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and cured, I must deny that they can all be cured by treating the

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a In the mediaeval marginal notes to Dioskorides, 7 ropytvw

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it ^^■as necessary immediatel}' to establish a univcrsit}' or college.

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drawn upon for tissue construction and its nitrogenous groups are

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staggering, ataxia and falling have occurred, particularly in

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given in soup instead of with hashed meat. It will be seen that Hof-

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(cacao) ;■ coma from conium macula turn ; nicotina or nicotia from

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DR. DOYEN OF RHEIMS.— (Jour. A. M. A.) W. S. Caldwell, M. D. Dr.

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It is an interesting fact, deduced by Dr. Sibson from the analy-

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and no outlet to the sac could be found. Some cases, no doubt,

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tion been rheumatic or septic, affection of a single cavity would

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"Staghorns," or "coral calculi," are of the same materials, i. e., urates

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action may do great harm. A writer in the Toronto Evening

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five cases which it contains there are several in which the process did

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information may be obtained by this means without much

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alterations which they induce in the adjoining mus-

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rather than that which would suppose them to act under the

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immediate and remote beneficial results sufficient to compensate

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