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any plan of producing local anesthesia. In discussing the practice recently
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Disarticulation at the wrist , according to Walther.
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oral vein of the same side, and each time fever resulted.
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rectly." Qualifications are entered, of course, in the
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If Dr. Manson could succeed in proving that there is a " form
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hardly be allowed to pass into oblivion. The charges publicly
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great care with which they watched the case and carried out
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reasonably hesitate, and look elsewhere for the occasion of diseases before
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May 26, Dr. Frank H. Krusen of the Mayo Clinic said,
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those days he came like John the Baptist, preaching in
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supplied from the dairy. In the fifth case the young man habitual-
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constant motion as if in search of something. There is generally a strong
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inortift nnd frmvily inrrmso n« (ho cnhcH of tlio <1iinonsion whilo oohrsion In-
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days. One recovered her ordinary health in six weeks ; the other, a
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next experiment, I remove the animal before death takes
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most important is diphtheria and the exanthematous fevers, especially
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xi, 29-34. — incBurney (d.) Traumatic epilepsy, oper-
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root pains and loss of sphincter control may have existed at
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several weeks past, and possibly for months for all that is known. The
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in rose-water ointment as a base, are to be recommended. An oint-
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Dr. .ScHULnoFF had a case of plugging of the posterior
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Wednesday afternoon to consider the propriety of presenting
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netration of venous blood into the organs, is a result of the loss
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passing impression, thus engrafts itself upon the constitution ; and the
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which proves to be intractable ; or progressing rapidly with great
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was worse than usual, he pinned me with those sharp
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liness ; it seems to him as if every thing around him, or as if he him-
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years; while in simple stricture there is usually a definite history and certain
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membranes and the cause is usually attributable to quantita-
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and their connections with the other component parts of the iliac and femoral
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University of ^Michigan passed by numerous county societies, are evi-
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In these times of uncertain economic forces and rapidly advancing
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discovered at the autopsy of a woman, aged thirty eight,
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There is one form of palpitation which has such distinct
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in Paris during its sessions sent a telegram to Major
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To differentiate the organism from streptococci, Hiss' serum water
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you see, for some distance, and more than likely it has a communica-
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Photographed by Louis Leroy, M.U., of Nashville, Tenn.
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1. BASTIAN. Paralysis from Brain Disease, p. 115. 2. BRUNS. Archiv f. Psych.
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"Gout, which, as we have endeavoured to show, was so