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the liOndon University, and he denied emphatically that there

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stance in leprosy and syphilis, the nails may be twisted up into many

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answers the purpose very well in such a case. I plunge

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several years ago ; all of them need careful and extensive revision, to bring

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and depression of the vital powers, renders it an important part of the treat-

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St. James''^ ^n Monday the bih instant, the names having

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with rheumatic pains. Occasionally there is severe con-

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In the printed notices of this method, it has been represented that

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and that the excreta from the intestines may communicate the fever to other

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severity. In dealing with the lesions of puerperal sep-

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disease, has been to invite surgical aid and interfer-

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infectiousness reside in the power of the virus to develop within the liv-

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of the sympathetic ganglia and the cutaneous affection. In 1870

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the patient. Here is an X-ray picture of a little boy who entered

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more inches in diameter are formed. Confluent bullae of these dimen-

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1000 have died iji Scotland of this complaint, but the returns

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yellow fever of a mild type, with a low rate of mortality, except when the dis-

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of the leucocytozoa, in relation to their respective

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sion as a whole. When the issues are such that they threaten to

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little part in sports or athletic games. In his younger days

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individual plant, virtually to alter the state of the living human

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contributed^ a number of valuable articles to the Americari Journal of the Medi-

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but these have been carried out almost exclusively by introducing

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The striking appearance resulting from the evaporation of Battley's Sedative (Plate III.

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were formed from tyrosin in the alimentary tract and then absorbed;

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excepting only that occasionally small doses of opium

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thousand deaths, from small-pox differs according to

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of the mother is as great as it is in Europe. But the ratio stands

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uniform appearance and character. But it is nevertheless compos-

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