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of polypi, I find the observation " treated for piles"

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surface in a positive, and its internal part in a negative

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same — viz., twenty-five grains to a gramme. On being

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of Bury St. Edmunds in consultation. He thought there

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members constituting the Executive Committee may ex-

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and indicate a favourable state of the patient after

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scandal that we are ever ready to supplant one another

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Although the os uteri might often be involved in vesico-

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per annum ; the other from £250 to £300. It is with

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extremities of both were gi'eatly swollen, and inside the

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is ready to pass from the stomach into the duodenum,

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■white Atrophy of the Optic Nerves as being possi-

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difficult question of gratuitous medical services is under discus-

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cerebral vessels were simultaneously affected, and in

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future prospects are, from those who are already in the

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Consequently, London had been sufifering from the com-

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Booth, Samuel, juu., M.D., to the South Salford District of the

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committee have resolved, they say, upon " constinicting a

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with water, as its effects vary more than those of the so-

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Foreign- Practice by Englishmen. — Sir: Can you inform me

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ing the converse of what we have already exhibited, we

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might be produced either by causing contraction of the

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year, do so please, and strike out the names of all ex-

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the larynx. It has been organised to afford the aid of the modern

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wards. If any evidence can, in this way, be obtained

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Harley, Edward, L.R.C.P. & r,.S.A., Ludlow, Shropshire

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The uterine contractions, causing pain in the displaced

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39N ; iniportance of nourishment in purulent ophthal-

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repeated, and that is the bad success which has fol-

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proportion of the cases, and no details had been given to

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!seces and urine at intervals in the same way as ordina-

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symptom of intolerable and exhausting pain ; at the

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may arise without any obvious cause ; or it may arise

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the radius ; but it may take place in any bone. Con-

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ance; and he suggests the holding of coroners' inquests in cases

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alleged for maintaining them. Their effect is to depress