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active perspiration, on exertion— flows. Hence the care neces-
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tending upon the right side from the mastoid process
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quitoes which had been previously fed upon yellow fever patients. Of
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in any measure overestimated the danger of the transmission of
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the nervous tissue, and thick perivascular emigration about the deepest vessels
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In auscultating the abdomen with a view to ascertain-
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neuritis has been produced. Gastro-intestinal symptoms and pigmentation
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antirabic inoculation, in which he claimed the initi-
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sufficiency of butter to make the mash hold together, or you
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venture to say that nine-tenths of the cases of so-
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at Camp Vicars, Mindanao, and win proceed to Jolo, Jolo Island,
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propriate to our climate and so insanely observed. If they are not im-
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horses agglutinates the Bacillus mallei in dilutions as high as 1 to 1600.
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with here and there a hir<^e, Hat cell, and few bundles
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On Surgery — Pancoast, Druitt, Liston, Cooper, Velpeau, and Castle.
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thetics. I would like to mention a combination of local anes-
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which showed the terrible injuries caused by the shells, and also notes
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part has a black appearance when the blood is extravasated
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neuroglia, etc. , have all been seen by other observers,
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ing had something to do with it. There was a case in Spring-
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attitude which are made in response to successive impressions occurring
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more or less regularity at the periphery of the parasitic bodies {/onns
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kidney, Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, June, 1903.
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The rate and concentration of injected contrast ma-
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(1 5%). rash (13%). asthenia (12%) In addition, the following
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treatment must be non-operative, let the outcome be
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the description of M. Robert can only relate to those granula-
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