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in a case of dementia precox, and in one of imbecility.
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they too are capable of surviving in the rabbit for an indefinite period
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1932. Guequierre, Jacques P., Mermont Plaza, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
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The poisoning of the tissues is shown in another way, by the
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and accompanied the young man to his boarding-place,
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Gastrointestinal Lesions-Potassium chloride tablets have produced stenotic and/or ulcerative
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discontinued on October 33d, and a mixture substituted, each drachm dose
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whether in the oesophagus, the pylorus or the intestine. The oil
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in which a large tumor, the size of a pigeon's egg, disappeared in a few-
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onset and course, by the absence of coyrza, severe bronchitis, high fever,
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including ht'matinics, to promote the general nutrition of the patient. 1
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" Die Botanik Homers," and such monumental treatises as that of Berendes
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Hygiene and Sanitary Science, That the disease now preTalllng
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