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but six. Some chronic cases "yielded only in one hundred and twenty

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sicians, especially when the grave responsibility involved in the care

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patient being in Sims' position. This is the most simple

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buttery mass, which showed no tendency to darken on exposure to

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other situations, without any apparent pathological connections, neither fol-

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denoting morbid conditioi's relating to the circulation. These pathological

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Hobbs and Mech have had in the London Asylum 800 women under con-

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A conception of the number may be gained from the knowledge that

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qdeen is invariably enlarged to several times its normal bulk, and generally

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Usage In Children Not recommended for use in children under

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Schools in the United Kingdom and Abroad, Nursing Institutions, &c.,

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eases, and although we may even say there is no disease of the brain

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old focus of haemorrhage occupying the corpus striatum and thalamus,

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as in the natural state, but premorse, as if they had been clip-

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eight ounces of spirits, which, no doubt exercised some influence. It was

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soles. Exfoliation followed, in which casts of the hands and feet

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of the disease. Subsequent observation has shown that this coloration,

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degree. More than that, it lessens the severity of the symptoms

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acute care). If delays of service were eliminated or greatly

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actions during the entire session. In vacating the chair I wish

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Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital, the recently elected member of

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M. D., and A. S. Piggot, M. D. Published Quarterly. Philadelphia: Lind-

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by Palier Bacillus geniculatus, 1 from the fact that two of the organisms bent at the end

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perts in operating from below, and he had practised

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rations of the mind, all go to prove the brain's being divided

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Avill cure about 75 per cent, of cases occurring in individuals of good

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fiir physiologische Chemie, Band 33, p. 451-465. Strassburg, 1901.

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A graded school of two departments will be opened in September at

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cally, usually after eating, rarely on an empty stomach,

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action to develop. As the result of five years' experimenting, Cloetta

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