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situations, as on the lips, eyelids, and foreskin, considerable cedematous

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balanced as to render him unfit to give evidence afterwards. When this was

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keep a clean dressing over the meatus, both to pro-

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severe attack of gonorrhoea, from which he says he h;is

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dilferences between ]\f. Liebreich and his critics, we must revert

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and then weak, compressible, not small, hard, corded pulses. All these

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valves of the heart were healthy, excepting the mitral,

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Mr. Gardner had adopted a somewhat different attitude, and

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with the powder as long as twenty-four hours, and again

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therapeutics. If the pointing out of structural changes as a

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boil' (Caucasus); the Tartar name is 'Il-jarassy' ('11' = year,

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it the' same relation as buboes do to the plague, that I expect to be

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The greatest drawback to the hog industry which breeders in this

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diminishing in size as the health improves — not diminishing,

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If no reaction is found within twenty-four hours, the pancreatic

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moreover, that it exists in birds, fish, reptiles, even in oysters and snails.

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Lawrence E.xpcriment Station, the results being summa-

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those of the anterior chains. The tongue presented a

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four times a day, and increase gradually up to 15 grains four

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" The American Pocket Medical Dictionary " will be ready before the first

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the vestibular impressions reached the centres of conscious sensation. This,

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food given to the hen. The eggs of the common hen or barn

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there will almost inevitably result, after a long and

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cise prudence does not justify the immediate rejection of a method

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sian), cited by Kuskow, 1. c, 456. Bollinger, Influenza of Horses, Miinchener med.

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portion of globulin as compared with the serum albumin (Salkowski, Sena-

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Modern Medicine. By JiLiLS L. Salinger, ;M. D., Professor of Clin-

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Sect Med.-Leg. Soc, N. Y., 1894, ii, 57-04. Also; Med.