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from weakness of this organ, and of the spinal marrow, are

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on account of the lateness of the hour : and he would,

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the pandemic of fifty years' duration discharged all its expiring virulence,

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that is, they are dependent for their nutriment upon those organic

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tion required by the Pharmacopceial standard. Other

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between its culture and those of the Bacillus coli coinmunis

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tients without surgical treatment die of catastrophic hemor-

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for the ready injection of large quantities of fluid that I have seen ;

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attached is gently pushed towards the tube, when the

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resulted from either a deficiency or an excess of excite-

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Inspectors coming under this head should be allowed all reasonable

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the liver. The liver in fine has no more to do with

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sMjicniTi,««.a<, Gazette. FLOWER ON THE OEGANS OF DIGESTION IN MAMMALIA. Apruao.iera. 453

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that very few omissions of this character will be found." It is

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had lieeii taking citrate of iron for two weeks prior to tlie day on whicli he was

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(6) The elaboration of an enormous number of laboratory

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and the other kidney secretes a normal amount of urine, con-

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may be avoided by excluding from the computation all

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The President, being called away on important business,

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Category I credit hours available for the Symposium and

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without necessitating a change of position. Powerful antiseptics are no

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in the neighborhood of the others. Five grains of tlie

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Of the first group one was aspirated three times, no

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largement is accompanied by a loss of motility, i. e., by motor insuffi-

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5. American Association for the Cure of Inebriates: Account of Proceed-

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occurrence, and when he was hardly yet aware of its nature or

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seven cases from'defective brain organization of parents. In four

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the operation averted a fatal issue." "Note the delirium," he

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■ :!nient. it -eeiiH prnb. le that t'.e diA method of treatment employed

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