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There is no doubt that this malady attacks mares more

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Work. — In past times the world was worked too hard, and the masses did not

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in which the anodal closure has resulted in contraction of the muscles

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entirely filling the epigastrium and extending to a level of

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Flannery, Marvin George, a, w, sp, Vermilion, S.D. A.B. (U. of So. Dakota) '27; S.B.

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27.— Delirium, with frequent screaming; restlessness and

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except when malarial germs in the blood stimulate secre*

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common, but small circumscribed hemorrhages may cause focal lesions.

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interior of the mouth causes discomfort and slight difficulty in the

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from alcohol. The fermented beverages are those most liable to occasion

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and in many portions of the country it is as dreaded a

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was to be arrested by hot water and pressure. Granu-

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Esophagus, Foreign Bodies in the. By Warwick M. Cowgill, Ph. B., M. D 85

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; should be safe in calling the chronic laryngitis of

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has a considerable effect upon the circulation, as it permits

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last annual meeting. He then passed on and briefly re-

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can exist for years the cases published seem to demon-

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Multiple Neuritis. — Paiu, anesthesia, parsesthesia, the his-

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The volume closes with an article by Isaac A. Abt, of Chicago, on

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ment of an embryo, it is possible that conception may take place from inter-

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Wassermann Test for Syphilis. C. J. Bartlett, M.D., . . . 120

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Lfcprid PotroUtam . C oi orl — ■" Like our American Oil, k U extracted from American Petroleum, mad m guaran-

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minutes in a solution of the hydriodate of potash. It survived sixteen

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of which, in all cases not to be reached directly by rational pro-

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filter to remove them from the solution, which we then dilute with dis-

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TABLE 1. — Normal Value of Serum Proteins as Found in the Literature