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three to eight weeks. Dr. Garre* and others have demon-

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to teachers who will take pains to teach well; but while we

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Of the symptomatology of lesions of the anterior, or lentknlo-caudate,

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the body has become completely cold. Too much importance must not

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heals under an ointment of turpentine and vaseline, one

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found, explaining the effects produced on the left side of the body. The

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the stramonium, which I had used successfully in less obstinate

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The mortality in this disease is great, but when the patient lives

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" In two cases in which many nights had been passed without sleep, cases

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bed. In the early stages foot baths of hot mustard water and hot

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forward by Remak may be mentioned, namely, that in gliomatosis the

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18. De Boer MJ, Miedema K. Kasparie AF: Glycosylated hemoglobin in renal

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benign cystic epithelioma, and perhaps acne rosacea.

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nearer the food supply is brought to the standard — i. e.,

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whether the masses were gummas or softened chronic infiltra-

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cult to procure. The best we can do is to gather all the

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to which yarions names have been applied, namely, plastic, pyoid, exuda-

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1. Cholera in its Home. With a Sketch of the Pathology and Treat-

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17. Heath, F. K., Cahill, G. F. and Atchley, D. W. : Pheo-

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the pus might escape into the general peritoneal cav-

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the apex; a systolic thrill was also felt at the apex.

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matitis herpetiformis. I should hardly consider such

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tient's head. ' I much prefer a small rhinoscopic mir-