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Tiie kidneys, in this form, are reduced in volume and weight. As in all

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Tolles, who made objections on this principle. Dr. H., 2 A

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vix and vagina, and, if possible, the amount of amniotic fluid.

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that medical progress, which would require fifty years

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ing attack of haemoptysis, which had failed to yield to the more usual re-

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absence of any alcoholic liquid than they do when alcohol

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knee ; hence paralysis of the muscles controlling these joints is attended

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from the character of the stools — frequent, small, slimy (or bloody) discharges,

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preseribed it in almost every case of a malarial nature

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' -VAJ'^b**^ ■''•' I^ mucosa is congested, ecch^-motic,

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at noon on the seventh day of the disease a little confusion in his ideas,

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doctor and his wife, and myself, went out. The husband told me to do what I

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need not, as a rule, longer consider himself an ob-

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another may utterly faiL A gentle manner, a strong firm touch, and

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so at the time when the menses would have occurred if conception

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Dr. Apostoli proposes to treat uterine fibromata by

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adrenalin injection was without effect; it is uncertain

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place be regulated ; the former should consist of meat

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asper ........ Wm E. Franke, Newton C. O. Absher, Newton.

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each dose a teaspoonful of the preparation of eucalyptus


administered regularly, there was a remarkable diminution

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The authors desire to show that in the state known as chronic

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King Stanislas, of Lorraine, to whom we are indebted

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exists it may be attended by bloody discharges from the bowel.

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washings. This filtrate was now acidulated with hydrochloric acid and evapo-

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The prominent symptoms and signs by which such cases are

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mucous membrane of the intestine and floats back in

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migratory cells of the tissue, is not known. In mucous tissue, however,

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are dependent, and not showing any tendency to symmetry. Although

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writing seems to be permanent. While it might be possible to com-

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calories — affording sufficient nourishment and in a form

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three to eight weeks. Dr. Garre* and others have demon-

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of five or six hours the urine is collected and a purge given, usually

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