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Stockholm. [Explorations de refraction etfectuees dans
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* For want of apace, this special report is necessarily omitted.
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way of injury ; it should not be forgotten, too, that some little
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to admit of quantitative estimation. On the other hand, a large quantity of
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f Boerhaave expressly says, that there are instances where eight ounces of L^k
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muscular wasting beginning in certain groups of muscles, which is sometimes
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ing, they do mischief. A generous diet is required from the outset.
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ing which we had no previous idea. Eigid and exact investigation, there-
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Aquas, ftiss. Coque ad Ibj., et adde liquori eolat.
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brick lengthwise to reduce its depth. Also, most brickwork
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(h) Among the rarer complications and sequels are enterocolitis,
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patient destroyed by tire. See disinfection after diphtheria.
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I'C not disturbed. The favorable effects thus observed, Dr. iSIartin
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The Columns of T/n- Lancet sprout weekly with aspar-
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themselves ; and to the same cause he traces the use
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to the recurrent laryngeal nerve is shown in Figure
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calling to witness Hippocrates, who says, "I will give nothing
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mass with a view of permanently lessening its bulk, has been per-
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Premising this observation of the neces«ity of each
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Articular P ever. Eruptive. See Specific Infectious
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present volume, may appeal to the conscience of mankind ; not
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series the infection was undoubtedly ascending, and in 7 hematogenous
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history with subsequent revelations showed that this had been a case of
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mad ' as well as any part of the brain which is appro-
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physiological and pathological processes. We used to
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case at the earliest possible moment, for during convalescence the
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from the stomach by an emetic, no unpleasant eS'ect followed.
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ish-red patch, tipped with a scale, the characteristic lesion of psoriasis.
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teresting in that it furnishes newer experimental data on the hydro-
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his ordinary occupation and surroundings. Work, physical
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Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
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Dr. StClair Thomson, President of the Section, in the Chair.
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I have not seen such. An attack involving the heart would make short work
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