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acute nephritis will appear from the following case :

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A lesion of peliosis rheumatica shows the same morbid changes

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in its character. And independently of any pressure made from

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ing to the British Medical Journal some very important alter-

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Edwin N., aged 15, had a deep cut an inch above the wrist-joint

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pulseless, and on removing the compress blood flowed out from

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scalp on each side of it with the purpose of leaving an anemic band

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advanced toward the apex, injecting as we proceed. Ten drops of

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Alleys, two miles south of Wisconsin Rapids on Highway 13.

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localized peritonitis and gangrene of the involved area soon take place,

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warranted to supply the places of all other medicines

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some local or constitutional condition. .Vlthough a

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oured to lay down the characteristic phenomena of each, and

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England one month later. No subsequent report received.

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pretensions have given them so much influence everywhere; and

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in Area A in which the previous fall had been greatest (71 per cent.).

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Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, and ordered to the Re-

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ailments than most people suppose; but it must be acknowledged that the reck-

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veins he had had very good results. All the women were

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favourable sign, but it is sometimes obstinate and troublesome.

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the one legal qualification to be hereafter granted to candidates for admission

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majority of inflammatory affections of the jaw commence. According to

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6 weeks ; and that, if the disease have been of long standing, its progress

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post-graduate teaching in Great Britain. The Fellowship of

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Dr. Hurty has well called vital statistics the '^bookkeeping of humanity,"

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In 1853, erysipelas prevailed as an epidemic in Dayton, Ohio ;

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enveloped in shellac, in alcohol, and in betol. The