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duced, the force which opposes the return of the hernia into the cavity of the
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and a deficient circulation in the extreme vessels, the subjects of this disease bear bleediaf.
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saw once (Case YII.) some soft clots in the right heart. Cas-
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the same practice. For each of these opinions, M. Velpeau •quotes page
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eral practitioner is a seasoned fire-fighter whose aid
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is applicable to that variety only. The number of varieties seems,
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general peritoneal cavity, and permits portions of omentum or
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nuclear cells during the fever, with diminution of small lymphoc^^tes.
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Laennec acknowledged that the semi-transparent miliary tu-
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represents the impulses of the heart against the walls of the thorax).
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epidemic cholera in Russia during the winter of 1893,
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health we found a large, chronic, indolent ulcer over the right ex-
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material we may find, — cheesy matter, tuberculous tissue, fungoid
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or near the point of perforation. The appearance of such a tumor, de-
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F.R.S., Keeper of Mining Records, assisted by F. W. Rudler, F.G.S.
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offered as a new mydriatic. It has been used with some effect as
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if abundant, may give rise to a necrotic destruction of tne tissue.
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longer suffered'~impediment from the exertion of walking about
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tion which can only be settled by experiment, such as the
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nearly one-half sugar. His appetite was failing, and
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ing, alias Thomas McGahan, was recently sentenced in
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socket it then slips down, and he has converted a dis-
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January 19, 1917. — ^TJrine normal. Blood-pressure: systolic,
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burnt-sienna line the edges of marshy pools (the gemiasma). He
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as that this important action upon the heart must lead to disturbed sleep and