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The separate mass of blood-clot received was removed from the dia-
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Intestine intact. Greatly enlarged spleen surrounded by clot. Capsule
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and especially to those general reactions which constitute the dis-
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stomach we are able to see irregularities in the peristaltic waves
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facts might be cited . It is, however, impossible to go into any further
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with solid than with liquid food, and is relieved when the patient is in the
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sult of a derangement of the organic functions. Thus far we should be
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nature of the ''special and violent nervous lesion," to which he refers
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collapse of the lung area to which it is distributed with purulent
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of service. The advantages that the use of tartar emetic offered ia
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until his death. Now. on dissection, while there are the usual marks of inflam-
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intravenous injections, a total of 6 grams of salvarsan and* 3.6 grams neo-
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hypothesis at the present time, in favor of which, however, various
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18,250, and three days later the whites had fallen to 12,500; the small
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survived and two lived an average of five days. In all experiments
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From the two preceding histories we may judge that neither case
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Case 6. Sarah R., aged twelve years, born in Philadelphia,
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appendices connected with the smaller arteries, both in the corpora cavernosa
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which encircled the neck of the polypus, was drawn tight, the latter swelled to
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revealed after death — it is apparent that the patient was carried oflF
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extricated, and a carbonate of iron, which rapidly passes into the state of the
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These experiments, though few in number and inconclusive in
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the return to normal conduction without any increase in blood-pressure.
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weather. No expectoration. Profuse night sweats. Some fever with
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ment for six weeks, was suddenly and completely relieved by a full dose of
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appeared materially disturbed, except in the occurrence of the diarrhoea, Avhich
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These indications of thrombophlebitis gradually subsided, as did the signs
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3. Bronchial Obstruction. According to Lichtheim 1 sudden and
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Control experiments with raw milk kept under precisely the same
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Case Cured by Operation. By Lewis A. Conner, M.D., and
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development pressing upon them. Our author sums up the physical
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but so close is the connexion, amounting almost to identity, Avith
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1833, after an easy natural labour. In April she was seized with catarrh, fol-
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of the disease in order that, with further knowledge, methods of
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Of eight cases in 1911-12 due to Pn. I, four died and four
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The second point of interest relates to the character of the blood,
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It is impossible to follow M. Dubois in his investigation of the
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We cannot conclude without repeating the remark, that our rea-
patient npo diltiazem dose
and where they do so proceed they seem to be disseminated to
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spinal accessory nerves, were all destroyed. The first supplies the muscles
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fluid furnished by the left cornua of the uterus had a ready outlet, whilst that
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in a life of distinguished service in the profession. In the present