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remained numbed. The whole of the gangrenous spots are healed. On
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the state society and to the American Medical Association.
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Aaron H. Appel, major and surgeon, U. S. A., from Jackson
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carcinoma ; male. After a traumatism, tumor appeared which de-
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viously acquired by the army physicians in Spain, appeared to him sufficient
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Differentiation in one direction terminates the possi-
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be properly coaptated or, if this is not possible, the
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old rule, "first come, first served," will be observed in the
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instrument usually penetrates about two inches, and in most cases the serum
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corresponds with that of Einhorn, that as a general rule,
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tities of water (about ten quarts in twenty-four hours) ; after this^
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nature and consequence of such act; and the burden is upon
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J. Van E. Hoff, surgeon, U. S. Army, president. This
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partial immun ity against the unheated. The secretion of the
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When potassium iodid is administered in large doses almost
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these bodies, and observed that they did not increase. After
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to differentiate between gall-stones and angina. The
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Neither has the tremendous concussion of the air, consequent upon the
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Francisco, who has made himself persona turn grata, because of
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lack of full realization of the risks incurred in the daily
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condemned a physician to 5000 francs damages and expense!^
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in the course of a few weeks. In this case, however,
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also credited him with having described in detail a protozoon