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himself about without reason; rears up or runs about in small circles when you attempt

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the outer head of the gastrocnemius, and fleshy bellies

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split in order to lengthen it, was fixed by sutures to the

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was not so often directly fatal as might have been anticipated."

dicloflex 50 mg and paracetamol

with all the favourable Prejudice, and warm Gratitude of a Pupil ;

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oaghuess of his methods in reaching them ; the ques-


the raw and possibly infected regions from the general peri-

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posterior fornix. At the end of this time the patient expressed

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Medical properties and uses. — The assafoBtida gum is

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are obvious, but I cannot lengthen my paper by dis-

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in estivoautumnal fevers, in which, as we have seen, many red cor-

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June, by Fergusson's method. With the exception of a small pinhole at the

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case; fracture of pnbes aud si'apuia; erysipelas; rerovery.

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ness and great tenderness, and ocular inspection with a

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nitrogen passes through the intestinal tract unabsorbed ; whereas

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and identification of the filaria'. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1894,

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back of the right nostril. With the finger one could feel that the right

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The Chairman read the preamble as follows : " Whereas, power has been granted to

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in tbo University of Aborvleon ; and Willi;im Keith. M.R.C.S.E.. tiM .

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name of " uramia," and which are quite frequently in-

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Islands on transport to sail from San Francisco about December 1.

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would be left ; if the sac were excised the operation would

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May olst. The above medicine was discontinued, and he took an ounce of

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wall of the vagina from 3 to 5 cm., a little posterior to the

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dropsy, but these factors are not peculiar to cirrhosis. So accumulations

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going considerations there is at least probability in the assumption that

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study of the plate with Dr. Kramer. We found a large irregularly

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— the spleen, glands, follicles of the intestines, and the tonsils. The

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ful consideration of the general subject of enteroptosis,

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style, which kei)t his hearers in continual good-humor.

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use galvanic currents of sufficient intensity to be effective.

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111. On Bromide of Calcium. Dr. William A. Hammond 133