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generative organs, and of the system which strongly resemble

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and solution of the red cells of the latter, but linvo lui

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goiter, as the results noted in control birds at the conclusion of the

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the primary growth will largely determine the findings, which accord-

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or on which the Society can present the matter to the next legislature.

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movements. But in the cases which I wish to bring beiore you

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sixty-six calories, or, hourly, one hundred and thirty-two

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8th, at his residence, 27 East 24th street, after an illness of one week,

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of employing chloroform for the purpose of separating organic alkalies has been

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wliich descending, divided into the iliac and hypogastric arteries in the

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had numerous certificates as to its boldness of con-

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on the tenth day, when union was found complete, and the superficial sut-

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flesh tints . . . blending harmoniously with the complexion . . .

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thoroughly mixed and then kept at 38° C. for ten minutes. At

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These were the natural questions suggested to my mind. The

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disease progresses, has occurred, and that whatever of ill the opera-

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of two years his weight increased to 230 pounds. In 2 patients, in early

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necessarily so. Chronic rheumatism occurs in persons who have

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Local Causes. — (1) Occupation. — ^Persons whose employment expoan

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Ligature of the Internal Maxillary Artery; Hapid Recovery,

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Our editorial colleague has received the details of a case of death

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various theories thus far advanced as to this condition. He

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The first class comprises all simple fractures in which