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We have not time to pursue the subject further, and
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in the adult. In the child, however, it has its interesting peculi-
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tubercles increase in size and number. The lepromata finally break down,
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the development of the adhesions and their results he writes as
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head, that is in the oblique diameter of the pelvis. Here again
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between the physician and his patient audible by the more distant mem-
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which terminated fatally; none of these, however, were
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Ordered antimonial 'mixture. Jan. 13th. — Countenance flushed ; pulse rapid and
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The heart is also trimmed uniformly and completely emptied. The
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women, for this reason, if for no other, that when the bounds of
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twelvemonth of their leaving an affected district. No age,
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side of the neck. A supernumerary eyelid has also been ob-
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are transverse sections of a few hair-bulbs with their papilla^, and
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little volume. Those who will follow it as a guide will find their
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weight was 810 poimds. It was kept until the middle of October, at
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The following table makes a like showing of the teachers'
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pills. Jon. 12///. — On the loth, he was much in the same state; no sweating;
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shoulder-joint, as being, I think, far preferable, both in its performance and
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down, griping and flatulence to a considerable extent. After this at-
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ately after the noon meal, and were consequently of only short
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although calculi composed of uric acid and its compounds are met with
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in Area A in which the previous fall had been greatest (71 per cent.).
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Deaths, for the year 1871. 8vo. pp. xxv., 376. liansing, 1874.
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inhalation, will usually arrest the chill, and greatly lessen the severity
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all the grades even through the high school. Two special teachers are