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every thing was ready for the operation. Dr. Stevens suggested the
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usually afford the greatest number of victims to epidemics, do not
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which usually bring on the most violent h. animations.
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humous child, the untimely fate of Andrew Moir was deeply
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fying. " The lectures, just closed, have been attended by from one
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treasurer, Dr. H. D. Murdock, Brodhead; censor, Dr. Minnetta C. Flinn, Mon-
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and its use should, therefore, be carefully guarded, or restricted
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above stated, late in September of this year. The ob-
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after forty-eight days. According to this, it must be regarded as definitely
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Sample C had been passed by a man immediately after
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signs absent, how are we to determine the question?
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Dr. M. a. Veeder, of Lyons, N. Y., writes that he has
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obscure s^inptoms, witliin two or three days after opera-
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not mean that the ulcer was acute, but that the perfora-
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and small weak pulse; he may at first rise on his fore limbs when di:^
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with cold water, when the region of the body allowed its application ;
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ant icoagulat ion in acute inlarction, let’s look at what a
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the third dorsal vertebra to its entrance into the abdominal
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tt'O same time every care will be taken to keep them
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results, led to such general and emphatic warnings against the possible
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can be laid down governing it. It is a very significant fact that the
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The tubing and air balls are made of the finest rub-
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left tracheobronchial lymph-nodes, that is, the group situated in the obtuse angle
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prostates were not cancerous. Greene and sinus infection, or may be responsible for
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the sheds be thoroughly cleaned out and disinfected under the immediate
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much even after laminectomy. In 2 cases of injury of the^
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fact that favorable results are more likely to be published than
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were isolated in a small room attached to one of the wards. The door