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the hospitaL In July he appeared in the out-patient
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ring in the practice of other physicians. I am not one
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pus applied externally to fresh cutaneous incisions, lately introduced in
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(6) Thyroid nucleo-albumin causes intra- vascular coagulation. As regards
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bak's clinic, 250 ; for hernia, 668, 891 ; Gilliam,
dextromethorphan polistirex trip dosage
upper side, and are sewed over to the deep shelving of Poupart's liga-
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for diagnostic purposes. There is reason to believe that the virus is not
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numerous. Thus for the mouth, more than for any other pari,
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ingitis, and these were completely absent. Being thus
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To Correspondents. — The communications of Drs. Flint, Barker and Clough,
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a larger mortality from the disease in proportion to
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mouth, though no discharges of changed fceces were no-
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canal tamponed into the opening made, and the auricle
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and assistant, J. S. Flint, C. E. Buckingham, G. F. Bigelow, D. McB.
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special feature of neurasthenia, and it has been described with the nervous
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" The Employment of Salicylic Add as a Food Preserva-
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obtained from a single day's collection of the urine, it must be
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atrophy, and even monoplegia. As a rule, spinal SA-philis does not cause a
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the same. In performing the operation a tenaculum is
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were unchanged. No blood cultures were obtained be-
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used on economical grounds as a substitute for elajlchlorUre, answered
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faith that was in them, they were willing to let their pastor go.
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wish particularly to emphasize, and to claim that experience and prac-
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wards, Professor Virchow published a similar case, and said they tcere
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ably one of erythremia, and the pathological findings that inti-
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rhage, which has been fully treated, is occupied Avith the same ques-
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to the same physiological reason, the instinctive desire
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and undoubted condescension that the name of the disease
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ing of the etiology of neuralgia. The very causes which, iexcited mildly,
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vessels. When two saline solutions, separated by a membrane, are of the same strength,