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pleurisy, abscess of the lung, calcification of the pleura, may
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Dr. Symes Thompson communicated to the society, for Dr. Leonard H. J.
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rably adapted for receiving various impressions from the
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e.g., copy for the August issue is due by July 1. □ Physicians who are members of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin are
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Please see references and summary of product information on reverse side.
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turbed or abolished and other sensations were intact. 3
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of origin of icterus in carcinoma of the liver. Cases of carcinoma of
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Flower, F.R.S., who wiU deliver eighteen lectures on the
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hospital and, potentially, to their own patients. While coop-
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Arsenic in Herpetic Ophthalmia. — Mr. W. Spencer "SVatsou
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competed successfully for appointments as Assistant-Surgeons
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cases. Patient was able in two weeks to sit up for two or three hours
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the making of a serum the result of all the varieties pathogenic
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honour to mention my advocacy of these remedial agents. Since
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bent upon each other, thus forming a more or less acute
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clusions on the prevention of bilharziasis. He showed, among other
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of the operator, the object was at last a fait accompli, and
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hypertrophy (described at p. 647) is probably always a form of interstitial
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patients remained in the hospital, either from injuries received
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confess are but conjectures, though legitimately based on what positive
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about one-third of the plantar surface of the foot, chiefly
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and became normal on the twelfth day after the operation. The wound
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fatal cases in women were complicated by pregnancy, and as the rate
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sufficiently firm to bear the weight of an additional person,
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In some cases the ulcer perforates that portion of the bowel which is
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in the back. Her bowels are constipated and her appetite is whim-
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as aUopathist, or by any other term which implies a
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Take, for example, the saddest chapter in the history of dis-
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was almost choked with old clothes that had been thrown into
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puffing, of travelling about twelve miles an hour. Contrast