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arteries which supply the brain. Convulsions are not infrequently symptom-
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oxyurus is not confined to the rectum, nor are its excursions limited
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It is not strange in this age of bacteriology when so
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calculate what effects may be produced by even a moderate
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tion. All these tests serve a definite purpose. However, the mallein
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Victoria, for example, it is stated that there is one epileptic in every
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in his preface states the work was intended "to supply, within the
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space and contract the pouch or sac that the kidney
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plethora" of Esquirol and others, to "deficient contraction of the mus-
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presented by Edward VI, in 1553, to the living of Burneston, in
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vagus may cause some difficulty in swallowing, and give rise to symptoms
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riorly these sounds are less intense, but are accompanied by fine crepitus. Under
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his life been known to suffer anything approaching to angina
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average weight of the puerperient woman was 53 kg. while that of the
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ageal abscess, mediastinitis, pericarditis, pneumotho-
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to explore the womb and liberate with safety foetus and
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There is, however, another peril to which the muscular
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operate in the interval, provided the patient can be reached
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three weeks ago, to spend the summer with her friends and rela-
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must be the subject of some scirrhous or cancerous disease; vomiting
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no anatomical correlation between the parts affected as
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if needed, strychnin if motor tone or vascu- was a girl who had what appeared to be an
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welibeing of the whole body ; but formerly, when this condition was
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• ids as long as feminine impulsiveness, staircases, step-
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to phenolphthalein. Here the circular, white colonies, always
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receiving x-rayed portions of the tumor remained between 25 and 45
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with 1 c.c. After four months without treatment, during which time there
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strophanthus. In the mean time his condition became worse from
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and latter part of May, and becomes more and more frequent, reaching its
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angled incision is made to the right across the median line and
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water, applying strips of cotton or gauze sturated with the solu-
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knees ; though by the exercise of great pluck he was able to struggle about and
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become abnormally active and virulent, and have pounced
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lides are very pale (d'un blanc remarquable), except when the
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out-door patient list. It is evident, however, that this is a
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CJiafnomilla should be administered when there are stabbing pains
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