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and using active exercise, and cold bathing. In addition to this treatment,

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when we came to examiiie the kidneys, though the left was perfectly

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entering into details, but will briefly indicate the chief

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One to two drops in a tables jjoonful of water three times a day, before

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denly a change would occur; all the symptoms enumer-

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enlargement and degeneration into hyaline and granular bodies. These

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examined inJanuary,1896, the prEECordiom was prominent; apei-beat best felt

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impossible to distinguish a catarrhal angina from a diphtheritic by the

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continued intense dyspnoea for which no satisfactory explanation can

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mucous membranes, except on one occasion from his nose,

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by the use of such drugs as sweet spirits of nitre, acetate of

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eording to the report of libertines, put their hands to their

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are usually attached to the round ligament and give rise to the

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stool specimen has been plated. Few colonies, invariably those of

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* It is well to state that the astrologer was the forerunner of the as-

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the animal over, but the important thing is prevention. If it

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ounces of water, was gradually increased to twenty-three drbps,

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have been passed through, an habitual swelling remains about

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Air, Food and Exercises : An Essay on the Predisposing Causes of

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can be diagnosed by the use of the Rontgen-rays. Charac-

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man's discs (muscles) ; Bowman's lamellae (of cornea) ; Muscle

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Manhattan and Bronx), for ten years, 1890-1800, Inclusive :

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with the velocity of two hundred thousand miles per second on

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-1 tiir t,.ivarni nuM-urir,-_' 4 indu- h;. 3 i„,lu-~. and a !ar>;<- tl,_-l, u.-und ,-l

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tics: as an index to the fatality of diseases ; as a

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this treatment is required, on account of the fact that

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tion but differs in properties]. It is probable, moreover,

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tuberculosis, a tuberculosis of the lungs, or a tuberculosis of

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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.

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with little or no swelling. The affection is then only an efllorescence.

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cept6e. Arch. ni6d. de Toulous» 1896, ii, 409-424. Also:

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after the animal had seemingly expired. These appearances were not confined to the neigh-

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digitalis 20 gr., conserve of roses to form a mass. Divide into

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divergent results in their examination of the pituitary in cases of thyroid