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From the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Univer-
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mortality from pulmonary diseases has definitely increased
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Thursday St. George's, 1 p.M.-Central London Ophthalmic,
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ducts all irrigating fluids into the basin M. This, to me
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chitis. Rehn (Gerhardt's " Kinderkrank.," vol. iii, page 92)
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and any local resistance and tumors. Palpation then quickly confirms,
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affection were told to move a lamp, and supposing that, in his effort to
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enabled the operator to maintain exactly the proper relation between
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monkeys inoculated with it develop typical yaws lesions in
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In the case before us, however, being uncertain as to the exact dura-
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useful but there was danger of including a portion of
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The pathology of the disease consists in an inflammation of the
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disease, as I have records of cases of it in carriage horses, in
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ed to Divisions. Indeed, so little trouble has been taken in the forma-
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Treatment.-— J'/ie Attack. — Hot fomentations. Morphine
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Koch with unwarrantably claiming to be the discoverer of the spread of
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monic sound is almost or wholly inaudible, examination does not reveal any enlarge-
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Fissmee : — a, superior frontal ; b, inferior frontal ; c, fissure of Bolando ; d, fissure of Sylrios ; «, Inter-
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become dilated and filled, the capillaries widen, a freer
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eral coincident diagnoses were arrived at only the primary or most
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matism, though it be treated by the best remedies and in the
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" The majority of the phenomena which characterise the well-
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hypertrophy of the left ventricle — but in the one case this organ
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There will always be found a certain class of men not quite
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local authority cannot sue in respect of a public nuisance except
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best time for bathing is in the morning, soon after being taken out of the
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thirty drops of Laudanum ; the opiate continued at such intervals as will