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action to a tumor ; both are foreign bodies in the intestine. After
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hard. To one side the body of the uterus can be distinctly outlined,
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region on both sides, but specially the left, in which the left arm was
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hospital mortality rightly denominated by Prof. Gross as " frightful."
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Pigs. — Little was known concerning the respective differences
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correspondent of the Therapeutic Gazette for October 15, 1899,
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tonitb are just as active in debilitated, bloodless persons as in the
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cillus pyocyaneous grows on an alkaline medium, the
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inflammatory process around the periphery of such sores.
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one may argue that each of these views is too exclusive. But, apart
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about an inch from the edge. Then the other needle is seized
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the right to be a doctor, and that it was not right to
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The Institution has its Chemical and Bacteriological Laboratories.
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rhea. When the discharge is scanty and watery, eumenol
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he walks quickly, feels as if about to fall. On shutting his
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average 16,3 cm.; and the fibula, from 16.2 to 21.2 cm., average 19 cm.
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is not uncommon in young infants. Lactosuria has no pathological
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included in our statistics for menos as a life force. This is similar to
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as well as the mammalian heart. With particular reference to the latter
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of the cases where calculi form in one kidney the other is similarly affected.
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modic contraction of the biceps after flexion has taken
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appointment of those who are to serve as Hospital Physicians and Suxv
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later times Christian churches were regarded as asylums
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thane in an impure state. By further treatment the im-
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mitted upon him. With the motives for the self-infliction of wounds, a
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regarded as erroneous for at least some of them. Clinical experi-
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three oldest patients hitherto submitted to its procedure.
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nence of the constitutional disorder, with little or no corresponding local
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