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these circumstances, expectorant remedies will not afford relief.

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ventricle ; generally it is found in both lateral ventricles unless

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The choice of the anaesthetic and method of its administration should be left

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partment, the principles and modes of relief deduced

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Interstitial. Interlobular: Affecting mainly the interlobular

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being dug next door. Two days afterward I was called

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When speaking to another medical man about my own case a short

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dition. The report of the past year states that the building

vicks dayquil cold and flu side effects

the irritation [)roduced when the injection was thrown

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which should not be present in pure physostigmine. The

vicks dayquil severe cold and flu dose

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universally, altliough perhaps some might be led to conclude otherwise

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disappearance of the night-sweats, and a very material amelioration of

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ciation 1 and elsewhere, 2 fully and repeatedly described the physical

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yet so distressing as to make removal advisable, only good

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ple, partly on account of their poverty, are accustomed to take quinine

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accumulated mucus, but by the mere swelling of the membrane:

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The Omnibus of the Home fetches the Convalescents from their homes

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its large pages tilled with quotations, e.vtracts, statisti

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Medical Association a resolution be adopted to the effect that any practi-

dayquil cold and sinus side effects

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Mr. F. performed, at King's College Hos- case that he first became aware of the dan-

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i.e., the rectum passes downwards and backwards, the anal canal

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versitas in the original Latin means simply a collection, a plurality, or

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a may be employed if the extremities be cool, and everything con-

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Iodoform, cryst., extra pure; Soda Salicylate, pure cryst., accords to Prof.

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diminish gradually, but adiadochokinesis is one of the most persistent of

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way, and the couch so long raised against the wall, a

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tral in reaction. It contained a trace of albumin, no sugar,

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not be left immobile. Passive motion should be begun within twenty-four

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