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or on the surface of the brain are usually more prominent and the pyrexia
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be observed : " Let them not afford an evil example of
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stand until these vessels come to be used for receiving:
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she was terrible startled by a boy who ran almost into her arms
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he did not think he had ever seen before. He thought that that muscle was
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freely during the day, and each movement appeared as if coffee alone
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command general confidence, or to come into general use, will show
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character in one case. In the case of adenocarcinoma, a tumor mass
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either as a solution of salicylate of cocaine, or kept in
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(()) A constituent which controls carbohydrate metabolism without
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hand, the papers were not written on a typewriter, and the Secre-
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of operations undertaken for the cure or improvement of
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acid neutralised by carbonate of soda, when it was ascertained
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sex, Middlesex, and Surrey, is given by I\Ir T. Bales, in the :'th vol. of this
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The patient, married, aged 34, had one child 17 years pre-
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14. Peters RM: Work of breath abnormal mechanics, Surg Clin North Am
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tensive rupture of posterior part of womb; the hemorrhage slight. Died at
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readilv accounted for by the relative situation of the cavities. It appears also,
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and we know cold itself is one of the potent factors in inducing the recurring
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Another copy, bound tvith his: Operatiouuin et onia-
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warm weather, when a few hours are often sufficient
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Morphia.— Morphia may be identified by the following properties :— I. *
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upon api)licati()n of the spaik current a nuirdier of times. In the well-
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mediately ; temperature before injection, 101.6** F.
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this little book^s pages, and many allied subjects are appropriately given
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affected by this Medico-legal entanglement, must have been
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that the diagnosis of the affection was often extremely
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peduncular space. The history of the case is often clear, but sometimes it
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Schiirmann's color test for syphilis ; R. G. Owen 52
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Postoperative Epidural Analgesia — Mayfield et al
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1909, she moved to 133 Farley Avenue, where her residence is
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of the right optic path, by affecting the right half-retinas, causes blindness
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He therefore supposes that successive generations are more or less constantly
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2. At the beginning of an analysis the level of the sodium hy-
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We also saw a case of very unusual difference in the refrac-
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nel," or the patient " was wrapped in flannel wrung out of boiling water,