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before opening the vesico uterine cul-de-sac, in order
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been broken. Electric railways and street lighting plants are
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and inferences cannot well be comprehended. For the pre-
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which active clumping occurred in dilutions of from one to five hun-
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paresis of the upper limb on the same side as the cerebellar lesion, (v.)
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Fig. 3. — Model showing tendon action of two-joint muscles. II, one-joint flexor of
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respiratory obstruction to necessitate their employing the help of ab-
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in producing hippuric acid. This rule does not extend to the
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* The substance of clinical lectures given in the Cook County Hospital,
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there is one matter upon which I beg the indulgence to make a few re-
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In prolapsion of the funis, the presence or absence of pulsation
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Examined by a lens, the roughness is seen to be due to the projec-
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horse "being under none of that excitenr^ent which will pro-
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more general causes of disease which act on it in common with
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In four of these bacteria were found in the blood. Bacterio-
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ranian has been virtually ostracised on account of its sup})osed liability
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On the whole, it seems that the position of the dicrotic notch is
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Releve" des Conclusions adoptees par la Conference Sanitaire Interna-
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and crepitating rale, or in the latter stages, a muco-crepitating rale. The
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of some plant is imbibed, and developes the intensely catarrhal
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Latin passage under discussion in the following words : —
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Retrograde Intussusception of the Small Intestine after Gastro-
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as compared to cyclophosphamide therapy of 12 weeks (Cameron, 1971) and
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80. On auscultation the second aortic tone was found to be markedly
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(1) Carcinoma of the Pylorus. — In carcinoma of the pylorus the physical
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The extent of their use of mental tests and the respective re-
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a child as old as three years. In M'Gillivray's cases the patients reached
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always the result of pressure on some part of that organ.
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monly they range from 100° to 102° F. (37.7''-38.8° C.). The degree of fi
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