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considerably diminished. The development of chronic interstitial nephritis,
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the patient. There can be no doubt that we know enough to
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laws which govern the development and perservation of the several
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cases where no other injurious factor was present. But in oppo-
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W) tO be Of Secondary importance, SO long as the meaning attached to them
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Manila ship, which " by the fame of its wealth " they " had been
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The moxa consists of small rolls of muslin soaked in a saturated
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So far as objected that these results have been ob-
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the male, rather uncommon. The man had a naso-pharyngeal inflam-
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direction of the wind often inducing an attack. She would
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viously formed in the renal tubules, their presence in any considerable
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requirements. 11 In addition, methods for calculating risks
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the result of either wilful neglect or criminal interference,
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illness . Once a beneficiary has exhausted that allotted number of days (90 days
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with 391 " operative cures " and 12 deaths, or a mortality of
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agent which injures the liver parenchyma or interferes with its
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and other inflammatoiy fevers. We may assume in such cases that the
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the muscles often develops more quickly than could be attrib-
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brous, is better fitted to exhibit the various points
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to a certain extent, see and touch with the finger the lesions
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by Gamac first from a historical standpoint, and then from the practical
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will be lessened and civilization be more progressive. Every city,
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ication from the intestinal tract could be considered as a cause.
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ly characteristic to be appreciated by the laity. Lewis
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ology has established is the transmissibility of diseases
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could be roused with difficulty for a few seconds, and then
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to examine into the truth of the tradition ; and he commenced
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a larger mortality from the disease in proportion to
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joint, the ideas of surgeons, as to the best treatment, differ. Take the elbow,
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716 Quintard, on the Present State of Medicine. [December,