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nodules somewhat resembling those of catarrhal pneumonia.

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this disease is second only to phthisis in the number of lives which it

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The following formula is offered for the same purpose,

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other purin bodies, by J. J. R. MacLeod, Professor of Physiology in the

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292, 1890-91. 7. FERRIER. Cerebral Localisation, 1890. 8. FRASER. Glasgow

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foetus, although the mother was suffering from typhoid fever, and gave the agglutinative

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The'venot,Keppler, Pajusko, Rokitansky, Sackreuter,

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As a local application he preferred Listerine, well

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regarded as very objectionable. Water containing lime

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door ; and any respectable druggist will for a trifling sura provide you