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H. C. CooPKR, M.I)., died at Woodbridge, N. J., recently,

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relief and cure. His mental derangement increased; he became restless, and

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and again 1 to 7.3 (Case VII, second day). This was

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of the heart tends to increase the action of the vagus upon it, and brady-

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"contraceptionists," whose methods had been largely

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able conditions afford resting and nesting places for a number of in-

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is made. Frequent instances have been reported, in which there was

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Acute Dysenteric Hepatitis. — Paul Renilinger concludes a

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and local fever," to use Weir Mitchell's words, occur, and which may be

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any man or book, but there must be an auto-branding : every man

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number of cells than in the cases with the low cell counts ; from this

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present as a terminal infection. Many of the early positive results

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ing the greatest number of deaths in the United States

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An abscess may be acute or chronic, according to the character of the

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that putrefied mucus interferes materially with the proper action of Pepsin?

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•' laymen," that the constant and long-continued use

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uterine contractions, however, being firm and potent,

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This is a question deserving serious consideration at the

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few points which relate to the physiognomy or obvious appearances, and

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of Vaughan, Escherich, and others have shown swarm in

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had been removed without relief. Some epiphora of the left eye.

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stomach. A well-defined ulcer, of an oval form, and deeply excavated,

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anxious to do more health work next year. Dr. Taylor is also

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a gangrenous loop of intestine. f The patient, a woman sixty years of

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the knees and feet, as well as of the breech; since the mechanism,

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Ce tha? in b\u T ing the body, he had placed a slab of wood immediately

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of the phosphorated oil, continuing thus for three months,

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net exceed 9'S ? Yet were disgraceful facts, arising

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patients, bv a deleterious atmospheric inflaence. What the nature of this in-

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the right shoulder and the anterior surface of the right

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worst possible surgery ; a fixed plaster, starch, or other

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taunts of kind friends on the least infringement of the

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ment of the deep vessels, pain and tenderness. This called

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commendatory letters from persons who, like enough,

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valuable paper on OeFebro-Spinal Ferer as observed in the recent

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See VoIl.stancIis<^s Archivder fiir die koniffl. preuss.

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tropical Africa, particularly on the west coast ; in

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performing amputation. The more aggressive maintained

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curred ; but is almost always convinced that he has