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he did not think he had ever seen before. He thought that that muscle was

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relation to the apex-beat by the length of closure time, and by the time necessary

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other hand, the addition of sodium hydrate destroyed it in a few minutes.

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growth ; but that from the Danube, having to be brought by a

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to certain portions of the brain. Hypera^mia more or less circumscribed,

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last words of the foregoing sentence are, from one point

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of wax, and half an ounce of oil of almonds. Crocker advises fifteen

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Millard Tufts, M. D., President, 208 East Wisconsin

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largement in her abdomen four years before; she had had all the

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afiairs remained unchanged till she entered the liospital, about

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absent. He wanted to know whether his experience had been confirmed

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to grow tender in its branches. M. Wurtz, in a report \

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* "Transactions of the Tathological Society," vol. xxix, p. 339, op. cit.

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rather than that which would suppose them to act under the

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local lesion is sure to be discovered at the autopsy ; and in cases that recover

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Opposed to Antitoxin. — Dr. Joseph E. Winters, in

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thereby the ultra-violet frequencies, but because the quantity

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As causes of oedema glottidis may be mentioned laryngitis, pharyngitis,

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and animals, and are less common in sheep and oxen than in pigs.

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to assure us both that the case was not so bad as it

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opposition to reason and fact, is novel, and may be prodi-

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established, both as to scientific fact and important clinical significance. The items are presented in simple epitome,

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Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington. In 1900 he moved to Los Angeles,

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•oisoned is known by its being blackened by sulphuretted hydrogen.

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seven of these cases were of the severe gangrenous septic

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improvement. In three days the scales and crusts filled the bed and lit-

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the contracted fingers after the ordinary operation for

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cific action. On the other hand, the late diuresis following its use intravenously,

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Arsenic in Herpetic Ophthalmia. — Mr. W. Spencer "SVatsou

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it is especially valuable in adynamic fevers; as in the stupor of typhus, in

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urinary channel, being attacked by the gonococci, is

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for a moment that these women of ours were desirous of coercion

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disease in which there is constantly an increased amount of epinephrin in the

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Sopra un caso di emicrania oftalmoi)legi( a. (jazz. d. osj).,

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the superior aspect of the diaphragm there is shown a small portion

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Physical Phenomena Present in Rotary Vertigo. — But

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infirmary doctors gave two lectures a-week to medical students for

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colic, recurring at intervals, very sharp, beginning suddenly after a